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  •  Nutrient intake before and during pregnancy is directly linked to in utero development, in turn effecting future childhood growth and development
  • The fetal development can be effected by your experiences that occur before birth, and can have consequences for physical and mental health that continue lifelong
  •  Anxiety during pregnancy can be a factor in preterm birth and some developmental  outcomes.
  •  You can have meaningful communication with your growing baby before birth
  •  Outside influences ,like nutrition, music,and communication with your baby can  have a positive impact on your baby's development in utero.

 Learn more about how to have a positive pregnancy and optimize your baby's growth and development through our classes and workshops and individual services.

Pregnancy workshops and Individual Services:

  • Pregnancy Coaching- Personal goal setting for pregnancy/labor & delivery/infant care/postpartum wellness, plus nutritional support for each stage of pregnancy
  • Prenatal Nutrition - Proper nutrition for your pregnancy and beyond
  • Birth Options - Learn the options for birthing locations and types of birth available
  • Prenatal ParentingGood parenting begins before birth. Learn bonding techniques to enhance your baby’s early beginnings
  • Child Care Options - A guide to the types of child care available and the pros and cons of each

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