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Prenatal Nutrition

Did you know?

  • Babies can taste in utero, and what you eat during pregnancy can effect your child's food choices in the future
  • Proper Nutrition reduces the risk of certain pregnancy related problems
  • Moms with proper prenatal nutrition tend to experience less complicated births 

Our Healthy Expectations Workshops equip you to use proper nutrition to have a healthy beginning for you and your baby/  have a smoother delivery and recovery, and transition into motherhood.

Join us for our series of 3 workshops to help you in all the stages of pregnancy

  • Prepare Right Now
  • Eat RIght Now
  • Live Right Now

Each interactive class is 2 hours long and  goes over the stages of pregnancy, exercises for stress relief and easier delivery, proper foods and nutrition for pregnancy and nursing, and what to expect when bringing baby home.


Come pamper yourself, make new connections, and learn how to optimize your health during this amazing time.

All workshops are taught by a Certified L.E.A.N. Expectations Health Coach/ Professional Doula/Educator.

Prenatal Nutrition
Learn more about the importance about proper nutrition in all stages of pregnancy- planning, prenatal, and post partum.
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