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Nutrition is one of the most important ways to "Grow" your child. Nutrition affects your child's develoment from your pregnancy through childhood.Foods in early childhood can be helpful or hurtful to a growing child. Wouldn't you prefer to know what to feed your child now?

The good news is once you discover the proper information you are set for a life of health and wellness.


The L.E.A.N. Nutrition Workshops are designed by America's Pediatrician, Dr Sears. They can be applied to all eating styles ( Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Ethnic etc) and will empower you, as a parent, to know the best way to feed your family for optimal growth. We know you can survive, but we hope you aim to Thrive!


All workshops are taught by a L.E.A.N. Certified Health Coach Professional trained through the Dr.Sears Wellness Institute.


We offer to types of Programs:


Health Expectations: Prenatal health and wellness for your pregnancy and beyond.


Fit Families: Family and Childhood Nutrition and wellness with ideas for recipes and ways to keep your family moving for health


Please take a few minutes to explore the nutrition page that fits your needs. Click and read the Info sheets to find out more information, then let us know how we can help you get your health on track.


We offer specials periodically so check back with us. Our new Facbook page and Nutrition will be up and running soon.

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