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Fall Into Fun!!! Time to register for our fall Play,Learn,& Grow classes for babies and toddlers with a parent or caregiver. 

This month's special is a No registration fee for ALL Play, Learn, & Grow classes. $0 down gets you into a series of classes.

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Welcome to A Place To Grow



Babies & Beyond

 Welcome to  A Place to Grow....a place for you to plan to grow your family in a warm and nurturing  enviornment. Here at A Place to Grow, we aim to educate you for healthy pregnancy preparation, empower you to know your pregnancy and birth needs, nurture you and your newborn postpartum, and enhance your infants development for an optimized start in life. 


For your Pregnancy:

 Planning to become pregnant and early pregnancy are times to prepare your body and mind~ to prepare how to best 'grow' your pregnancy, know the changes to expect, prepare to bring baby home. Since this growth happens rapidly we find it important to be informed along the way rather then be faced with questions when a new stage arises. 



New mothers need support and reassurance as they bring their new fragile life into the arms of their household. We are here to help educate, prepare, and offer assistance for you and family members on that special day to help you grow your baby.


Just for babies & Toddlers: Play and Learn

Infants and babies will experience the highest rate of growth during their first year of life; and the first three years are what will determine your child's future development. We are prepared to enlighten your parenting path to optimize development for your babies and toddlers.



Nutrition is the foundation to a happy healthy pregnancy, postpartum period, and for your child's proper growth and development. Our Certified pediatrican developed Nutrition Workshops focus on a well rounded eatling lifestyle for all family members to thrive with.


What sets us apart from other similar services is that we are educated in and dedicated to growth and development beyond your pregnancy and newborn stages. We help you understand the capacity of your child's potential in all stages, while offering fun and resourceful ways to maximize development. We want to see you unleash your unique parenting potential!


Our services are offered  by way of classes, workshops, and personal services, and all are lead by a Certified Health Coach, Post Partum Doula & Early Childhood Development Professional.


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